TVR T350

TVR T350 “Just looking at the T350, it is obvious how efficiently it slides through the air. The frontal area is ultra-smooth – without a central radiator intake – to ease the airflow over the car. At the other end, the abrupt tail of the T350 drops the airflow sharply to reduce drag at the rear of the car. Based on the Tamora chassis and drive-train, the T350 is all about aerodynamics. Minimum drag means you can go faster with less energy – a useful advantage on the road or track. The other side of the coin is instability and loss of grip caused by ‘lift’. Minimising lift – generating downforce – can carry a drag penalty so the challenge to the aerodynamicist is to create a balance between drag and lift. The sloping roofline of the T350 has been very precisely profiled to ensure that the airflow remains attached to the car in order to negate lift. Allied with a diffuser under the exhausts and a splitter at the front of the car, the shape has been optimised aerodynamically in a way that is simply impossible with a convertible. Here the T350 offers a neat compromise between coupé and Tamora convertible. Alongside the T350C (coupé) is the T350T (targa) which has two removable lightweight carbon fibre panels overhead. That slippery shape looks quick even standing still. As you would expect the T350 is a very fast car – the 350 in its name is a reference to its power output of 350BHP which, with barely more than 1000KG to carry, results in supercar slaying performance. It is all too easy to become blasé about the ‘baby’ TVRs in the company of Tuscan S, Cerbera 4.5 and T440R! The Speed Six engine is the small displacement 3.6LITRE version but this is a mighty engine. Since 1998, the Speed Six, in various guises has seen service in roadgoing and racing TVRs, surviving 24 hour endurance races and taking numerous class wins. Lauded by the press as an engine likely to be recorded in history as ‘one of the greats’, the TVR Speed Six delivers strong torque, high specific output power and operates at up to 8000RPM. A long-travel throttle pedal allows accurate metering of the power – with individual throttle bodies for each fuel-injected cylinder and a small flywheel to which a compact twin-plate race-type clutch is attached, the power delivery is eager and responsive. The T350 takes most of its interior from the Tamora. The dashboard comprises an analogue speedometer and matching tachometer above a switchable multi-function display which gives the fullest range of information from water and oil temperature, outside air temperature and battery volts to maximum and minimum values achieved (including maximum speed). The multi-function display can be upgraded to display lap times or, for racing, a variety of other outputs from a data-logger. As with all TVRs, the switchgear is made by TVR and beautiful details can be found throughout the car – look for the turned aluminimum electric aerial aperture and the machined alloy hinges of the glass hatchback.”

Price (Ex VAT):TVR T350c £32765.96. TVR T350t £34468.09

2 seater coupe, 3.6 litre straight 6 engine with rear wheel drive. Engine 6-cylinder inline alloy engine with 4 valves per cylinder and dry sump lubrication. Capacity 3605 cc. Max power 350 bhp @ 7200 rpm. Max torque 290 ft.lbs @ 5500 rpmFront- 304mm ventilated disc brakes with 4 piston alloy callipers. Rear- 282mm ventilated disc brakes with single piston sliding callipers
0 to 60 mph 4.4 secs. 0 to 100 mph 9.5 secs. Maximum +175 mphPower assisted rack and pinion
Suspension & WheelsDimensions
All round Independent – double wishbones and coil over gas dampers assisted by anti-roll bars. 18 inch aluminium alloy wheelsLength overall 3974 mm. Width overall (inc. mirrors) 1835 mm. Height overall 1195 mm. Ground clearance 100 mm. Weight 1187 kg. Fuel tank capacity 63 litres

Source: TVR Press Information. TVR Website November 2005

TVR T350
TVR T350